ILS Aviation and Space Law Cell

The Cell was founded in 2019 by the students of ILS Law College, Pune, with an aim to spread awareness, discuss issues and promote development regarding the niche areas of Aviation and Space Law and the science of Astronomy.


  • To acquaint students, researchers, institutions and other stakeholders with Air and Space Law.
  • To encourage, facilitate and promote research in the fields of Air Law, Space Law and Astronomy.
  • To organize workshops, conferences and various initiatives.
  • To contribute to the development of Air and Space Law in India.
  • To be a credible and authentic source of information, with respect to these niche areas for students, research institutions, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Under the auspices of the cell, webinars and lectures have been conducted on varied topics ranging from career and opportunities in aviation law to space debris in association with leading lawyers- both within and outside the country. The cell further intends to organize conferences, seminars, and other interesting events in the above mentioned domains.

Faculty Coordinator:

  • Mr. Rohit Bokil

Student Coordinators for the year academic 2020-21:

  • Saaz Bhatia (V BA.LL.B)
  • Sanjana Kulkarni (V BA.LL.B)
  • Tanushri Joshi (V BA.LL.B)
  • Yash Bhale (III LLB)
  • Chinmay Patil (IV BA.LL.B)
  • Dhairyasheel Kale (IV BA.LL.B)
  • Nikita Bhakare (IV BA.LL.B)
  • Siddhart Roy Choudhary (IV BA.LL.B)
  • Aditya Chindaliya (II BA.LL.B)
  • Pratyusha Susarla (II BA.LL.B)
  • Ritika Kantharia (II BA.LL.B)
  • Vedant Lathi (II BA.LL.B)