Create certificate request CPT for Admin

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  1. Create certificate request CPT for Admin
    Fields are as below
    1. Request from <Name> for <Transfer Certificate> – Post Title
    2. Course & Year – Meta
    3. Status of Ticket – Taxonomy
    4. Ticket ID  – Auto Generate Alphanumeric ID (TKTTransfer_Certificate-1234-14122017) – Meta
    5. Type of Certificate – Taxonomy
    6. Activity Log – Meta field
    7. Assigned To (holds WordPress user ID) – Meta
    9.Certificate ID
    10. Payment Status
    11.Candidate Data { Array structure} 
    We need candidate HTML for PDF 
  2. 1. Admin show download certificate as per certi is done in manage.
    2. Download pdf as per certificate is done on same link after payment success.

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