3rd level c

Added the 3rd level menu to courses on demo site. Need to style this 3rd level menu. 

15 thoughts on “3rd level c”

  1. Issues during this task:
    • On desktop it is easy to develop because it is on hover. but in the mobile we have to do “Walker”:true to the menu because, on the click to infrastructure menu itself have page link and it also opens the sub-menu. 
    • After doing walker true design gets changed. Sub menu automatically gets open. And it removes every classes included by bootstrap to open and close the sub-menu.
    • We have to add caret down to the parent menu in <span> by jquery. We can not add css pseudo element because we can’t write click event on it. 
  2. Add the input field for search below the contact us menu item. 
    Let me know if you have any query.
  3. We are not moving that button below the contact us. Because, it is align to the menu strip, so we fixed it on it’s position. And we also reduce the width of the search box after open it.

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