Accessibility related changes - Library

  Fix the below-listed point and let me if you facing problem to fix the below point.

1>In library pages- keyboard support missing for menu bar after 
        a)faculty publication- provide list to all graphic links.
                               remove header tag and provide div tag.
                               pop up related issues.
                               remove article.
   b)Open Access Repository- Provide heading H2 for “Useful Open Access 
Repository Research Tools”.
   2>Parent’s Feedback – Activities Survey Reports
   3>Parent”s Feedback First Year Admission Parocess- provide list.
                                                    provide summary tag 
for graphs.
   4>Log in form- provide form.
   5>Faculty- Remove link linkedin.
              provid list to all sections of faculty.
              descriptive link name for “view profile”.

22 thoughts on “Accessibility related changes – Library”

    1. removed LinkedIn link
    2. In library page  keyboard support is messing because of fixed header if we have to add keyboard support in library page then we have to remove fixed header.
    3. Faculty publication – provide list 
      1. For popup we are using fancy-box plugin so popup is not close on click of enter button.

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