Add parent feedback in first Year admission form for 2019-20

Please add parent feedback form in first Year admission form in the below-listed program: The DTL, DLL, and LLM are lived. So first do for these programs on the demo server. We will move it on production once verified by the client.

Notes: Store the academic year, course name in DB for the filter. Also, the survey report should be generated according to the given option in the form. 

1.       First Year BA LLB
2.       First Year LLB
3.       First Year LLM
4.       DTL
5.       DLL

Let me know if you have any question.

25 thoughts on “Add parent feedback in first Year admission form for 2019-20”

  1. This category list is for BALLB & LLB only 
    1.  NRI / Foreign Nationals
    2. SAARC/Gulf/PIO Countries 
    3. Outside Maharashtra 
    4. Reserve Category – ST 
    5. Within Maharashtra Reserve Category 
    6. Within Maharashtra Open
    Please fetch only those category which are applicable to LLB, BALLB in corresponding forms. 

    Do let me know if you have any questions. 

    • Prospectus flow with parent feedback is done on a demo server.
    • For DTL, DLL – LW and LLM first year form which are live currently.
    • Feedback form for LLM, DTL, and DLL-LW is done
    • For the first year BALLB, First year LLB feedback form is already added but the flow is not checked.

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