Adding Eligibility number and roll number

Attached is the file for putting Eligibility number and roll number. File have year wise data.
  1. III LLB
  3. IV BA LLB
  4. V BA LLB
  • While parsing it compare with PRN number only, if PRN number exists then put the Eligibility & roll number against that student. The Student CPT already have both the fields. 
  •  Now this time we have we have current year roll number as well, so create that field as well and put data of Roll number 2018-19 column in that in current year roll number. 
  • When student see the form these field will be auto populated and they can edit it, only eligibility and roll number
  • Current year roll number will not be shown to students, will use that in Manage for staff to work. 

First, do this on the demo server.

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  1. – Import functionality is done.
    – Please create 4 separate xlsx file with single sheet data for each course data
    – Important links are attached in useful links 

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