Admission Form issue

Please investigate and get it fixed. 

Please refer below details.

Student have filled the form from College and from same id the form has been opened to her brother from home.

Form got submiited twice.

Hos this has been happened.
 201866797 | 2018-07-31 16:04:30 | TITIKSHA | NARKHEDE |  
201866763 | 2018-07-31 15:16:24 | TITIKSHA | NARKHEDE |  

9 thoughts on “Admission Form issue”

  1. This is happen because he is filling admission-form from two separate window with same ID. 
    – 1st Window/system, He enter Form/CET number and proceed to admission form. but before he fill first section, his brother open the same admission form for same Form/CET number in 2nd window/system.
    – We did validation for this. but This validation happen when first time admission form open.

  2. Priyanka said that he filled and after downloading the form his brother filled. 
    There are still many First year entries which are duplicate and you can check the trash, I have deleted as per her request. Please fix this duplicate issues once and for all and fow all the upcoming form as well. 

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