Certificate section Live

Please make all the certificate section Live by tomorrow on ILS main site. On main page there will be no link.

Also put the emails of respective people to be added who will handle that process.
1)      Aparna Tatke : aparna.tatke@ilslaw.in (Bonafide , attendance , English, bar council, JMFC)

2)      Smita Wadikar : smita.wadikar@ilslaw.in (Transfer certificate, Bonafide , attendance , English, bar council, JMFC)
3)      Kaustubh Gadgil:   kaustubh.gadgil@ilslaw.in (Transfer certificate)
4)      Sawant Madam : rutuja.sawant@ilslaw.in (CC in all emails)
5) Also keep my email savita@amiworks.com for now in BCC for all emails of certificate. 

Let me know if have any questions in this. 

23 thoughts on “Certificate section Live”

    1.  Bonafide 
    2. attendance 
    3. English
    4. bar council
    5. JMFC
    6. Transfer certificate
    All this certificates are live with respective email handler.

  1. As we discuss 
    Merchant code should be set against course 
    for this 
    1. create meta in course taxonomy.
    2. select merchant code for course.
    3. and rest of flow will be same.

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