Cost for Certificate Section.

Please find the attachment of Cost for Certificate Section.

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    1. Ths certificate in Draft  –
      1.  Bonafide Certificate on Letterhead
      2. JFMC certificate
      3. Rank & Grading Certificate
    2. Cost, prifix and by post fees is added in all certificates.
    3. In transfer certificate we need result declaration date for before 6 month , 12 month and after 12 month fees.
    • On student certificate home page remove email field 
    • Add new field in transfer certificate 
    • SELECT YOUR DATE OF DECLARATION OF RESULT << Choose one of the option based on your result declaration date 

      Within 6 months from the date of declaration of result << within 6 months from today’s date 

      2) Between 6 months & 12 months from  today’s date 

      3) 12 month ago from today’s date

    • calculation of payment is based on above fields in transfer certificate.
    • rest certificates are as it is

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