Create Announcement, Notices and Blog Posts from manage section

We need option for staff to create Notices, Blog posts and announcements from manage section like we did for event. 

Allow all parameters required for those features. 
– Priority is Notice and Announcements, blogs can be taken later.   

46 thoughts on “Create Announcement, Notices and Blog Posts from manage section”

  1. We created the Announcement form and Notice form in Manage. 
    Now it is in draft mode in the backend, admin can verify and make that public.
    Let me know if it is ok and when will we make it live?
  2. As per the site, we have to give blog later, so please schedule it for time. Blog will need title, content, feature image, tag and category. 
  3. Develop a form in manage for the blog post with blog tab.
    Create a form as per requirement. Do not add the blog button for now. I will confirm you for it.
  4. As we discuss we create same structure for blog as well.
    refer useful links.
    1. New post is created is saved in post with draft.

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