Dashboard for Staff Login

After Staff member login they can see following things on the dashboard 

  1.  Students 
    1. Show list of students with pagination.  
    2.  Ability to search students based on, PRN number, Student Name {first or last}, ILS Unique Number 
    3. Filter records based on Religion, Category (Handicapped, Open, Reserve etc ), Gender, Course 
    4. Filtered data can be export in xls with all the student information
  2. Certificates – Information Pending. 

13 thoughts on “Dashboard for Staff Login”

  1. Issues with the Manage Student Section

    1. Need clear options for Course filter, It should show either First, Second year under main Option BA LLB or LLB respectively
    2. Rest is not working search with some name and then try to reset. 
    3. XLS export not working at all

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