Develop manage for the Souvenirs Request Portal

The main task link is
  1. Once Souvenirs Request form submitted it will visible to admin roles in manage, admin will approve or reject the request. 
  2. Once the request is approved then the inventory will be reduced from the main inventory of the products 
  3. An email notification will go to a member who applied for Souvenirs once approved. We can find the email ids by the staff login
  4. Manage will also show the remaining left inventory 
  5. They can add new products with inventory counts and images in the manage. (Will do later after the manage part completed) 
  6. The filter will be available to see the listing for approved and rejected in manage.  
  7. Also, the filter will available on the basis of the department name, event name and year.
Let me know if you have any query. I will provide the department name shortly.

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