Develop the HTML for examination form.

I have attached the exam form screenshot develop the HTML according to that. 
Give addition 1 more field for name with label re-enter name. This field will be not mandatory rest of the field will mandatory. 

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    1. Dashboard page  dynamic data done
    2. Exam fees CPT
    3. subject fee CPT
    4. Notes for CPT fields are added
    5. Subject data entry and mapping work in progress 
    • Form details, Meta field mapping, data save in database 
    • Multiple subject data save work in progress.
    • fees details get from database work in progress.
    • Form Login and submission of whole data again one exam ID id done
    • Loin in student dashboard using PNR number or Email.
    • on fees details page add download application (work in progress) and proceed to pay is working .
    • after payment process done user should redirect to payment receive Done and download invoice as like admission (Work in progress
    • download application  on feed details page done
    • After payment process fees receipt invoice and PDF is added on payment received page.
    • Email for admin user is added in form submission and payment submission process.
    •  Examination app is move on production and as we discuss student dashboard app and exam app is murge login flow is common for all student. (right now it is in test mode certificate part is working as it is, examination flow testing is work in progress.)
    • PDF download style issue is solve
    •  On demo site Whole student dashboard login flow till payment received is done.
    • login link is attached in useful links
    1. Need to work on table label, make the label bold, also table layout needs to fix on mobile layout. Rest functionality is working.  Mention changes are done

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