Development #1: Internal assessment - write a note to save the form data

– What will be the flow to save the data
– Write the service name
– Write module name and how data processed
– Place validations (client side, server side)
– Mail notifications

15 thoughts on “Development #1: Internal assessment – write a note to save the form data”

  1. The flow to save the data:
    1-We have create form using services.
    2- Get dynamic data of Subject list from Post and taxonomy.
    3- Create CPT(post_type=internal_assessments) for data store.
    4- Create custom field for meta data of post.
    /** Form save in CPT **//
      [aw2.save_form tag=’internal_assessments’ set=’module.internal_assessments_id’]
          “post_title”:”[aw2.get request.name_of_student /]”
      //** Update meta field  created by custom field in CPT **//
      [aw2.query update_post_meta post_id='{module.internal_assessments_id}’]
         “email”:”[aw2.get request.email_of_student /]”,
         “division”:”[aw2.get request.division_of_intrnal_assesment /]”,
         “roll_no”:”[aw2.get request.student_roll_no /]”,
         “course”:”[aw2.get request.course_intrnal_assesment /]”,
         “year”:”[aw2.get request.year_intrnal_assesment /]”,
         “appearing_for_papers_of”:”[aw2.get request.appear_papers_intrnal_assesment /]”,
         “internal_assessment_must_be_done”:”[aw2.get request.papers_internal_assessment.comma /]”

    Mail notifications: Done with mail template.

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