Development: 14th Event Reg. - Write development note

Write development note with reference links for the payment and manage. Form submission sample as we have existing in the ILS.
Form fields:
– Email address:* Text
– Name of the Participant:* Text
– Phone Number (with country code)*: Ph number text
– Choose your Registration Category*
 o ILS Student (INR 590/-) 
 o Non-ILS Student (INR 1072/-) 
 o Indian Professionals & Academicians (INR 2360/-) 
 o International Students (INR 3540/-) 
 o International Professionals & Academicians (INR 5900/-) 
– Student ID: File upload
– Specity: Textarea
– Visa Invitation letter: Radio (Y/N)
After submission of form data will show listing in the admin section
Once ID verified, “Allow Payment” and the participant will get and notification mail
Payment flow as we have in the ILS.

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