Development #6: Internal assessment - Migration note

List everything so we should know where the code is present for this task:
 – App name and link
 – Modules
Module(s) link and Module name
 – Pages
Page(s) link and Page name
 – Services
 – Notifications (Mail content and Subject will be provided)
 – CPT, Taxonomy etc.
 – DB meta_keys and the structure, table etc.
– Record activity (write all the details that need to track and record)

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  1. Note: Internal assessment – Migration note
    Building a form web page with help of all modules (static and dynamic work)
    step 1>
    Form Page Name: internal-assessment
    Module Name(display form in web page): Internal assessment (called this module into a page)

    step 2>
    Created a CPT(Post_type) using CPT UI
    CPT Name:internal_assessments

    step 3>
    Created Custom field > Field Groups Name: Internal Assessment Meta
    create meta field which field have in our form for post meta and assign post_type (Internal Assessment)
    Note: you can also export CPT duration migration time but ask with senoir how to do if you don’t know.
    Step>4: Save part query
    Module Name: internal-assessment-handler (this module using for form data save in backend also mail notification)

    Manage part:

    Step 1 : GO TO Manage App for manage pages and modules
    Navigation Menu > Add your Internal  Assessment dropdown here

    Module Name: Home
    Inner-page-tab (Navigation menu):

    Step 2 :
    Student Internal Assessment Module:
    student-internal-assessment :

    Create a module (Internal-assessment) with in post_type=’content_model
    Note: This module we are creating for table content and fetching data from post.
    post_type (internal-assessments).
    Internal-assessment Module: post_type=’content_model’

    Step 3: Single View Page
    Module > Internal-assessment-single :

    Single page View page URL:

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