Event form changes for upcoming one event

Need an dropdown for selection of Attendee type and fees changes based on selection.
Attendee Type
  • Registration With Paper – Rs.600
  • Registration Without Paper – Rs. 1200
  • Registration With Paper – Rs.2500
  • Registration Without Paper – Rs.3000
One more text field after address is Institute Name.
Please make the changes for Manage as well. 

Let me know if there is some questions. 

15 thoughts on “Event form changes for upcoming one event”

  1. 1. fields are created. with respective calculations.
    2.manage changes are work in progress.
    3. meta fields are added as per new changes.
  2. 1.form fields are added.
    2. all changes in event meta is done.add data as per event requirement.
    3. changes in payment log flow for student and professionals is added.
  3. 1.       For Professionals   : 
    Do you Have GST  : Drop Down ::::==è Yes /No
    If Yes then GST Number Tab (Done) 
    2.       Institute Name is not mandatory
    3.       Address 1*:   Change it to Address  Line 1(Done)
    4.       Address 2*: Change it to Address Line 2 (Done)
    5.       Ticket Cost:   Change it to Registration Fee (Done)

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