Event with accommodation

In event we need a facility to give option to select accommodation facility, following are possible scenarios:
  1. Event single registration on: In this scenario only one checkbox will be available where it will ask for “Accommodation?” If user select Yes then show the charges for accommodation (inclusive of tax) and add it in invoice with line item Accommodation and its cost.  
  2. Event with multiple registration on: When user is adding team members for event registration then with each registration ask for Accommodation? and add the values only for the checkboxex which are selected. Possible user is doing registration for  3 team member but only select accommodation for 2 add cost for two accommodation only. 
In the backend:
  1. Allow admin to Available accommodation for the event, if they select yes then only allow to add cost for accommodation. Admin will add only one accommodation cost and it needs to be multiplied if more team members are added. 
  2. Cost of accommodation is inclusive of tax so do not apply any additional taxes on that. 
  3. Manage will also have all these accommodation details and create event will also have options to add accommodation details. 
  4. In the invoice PDF write Accommodation (Inclusive of GST X%) x will be replaced by actual number once I have that clarity. 
Let me know if you have any questions and share delivery date asap. 

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