Events Purchase Flow

Create an events app, it will show the list of events and ability to buy tickets. App will have following settings
  1. GSTIN Number
  2. CGST
  3. SGST
  4. IGST
 buy now button URL will be site_url/payments/pay/event/attendee_id/merchant_code
Events Backend
  1. Create a Events CPT with Slug “events”
  2. It will have following meta fields
    1. fees_ils_student, label “Fees for ILS students”
    2. fees_others, label “Fees for other students”
    3. fees_pro, label “Fees for Professionals”
    4. merchant_code, label “Merchant code”
    5. invoice_series_prefix, label “Prefix for invoice series”
    6. last_used_number, label “Last Invoice number used”
  3. It will have following taxonomies
    1. slug: event_type, label “Events Type”

Attendee Backend

  1. Create a Attendees CPT with slug “event_attendees”
  2. Name of attendee will be post_title
  3. It will have following meta fields
    1. email
    2. mobile
    3. gst_number
    4. pan_number
    5. billing_address_line1
    6. billing_address_line2
    7. city
    8. state
    9. country
    10. pin_code
    11. event_id, linked to event cpt above
    12. ticket_number
    13. serial_no
    14. fees_component
    15. tax_component
    16. total_amount
  4. It will have following taxonomies
    1. payment_status, label “Payment status”
    2. attendee_type, label “Attendee Type”


38 thoughts on “Events Purchase Flow”

  1. Removed the  “In words” section from pdf as it is difficult to get the number to words dynamically without pear library. 

    As such purpose of in words section was to do verification when doing manually, in electronics receipts it’s useless.

  2. Correct the following:
    1. On events listing page add button book now along with Read More. Read more should open event single page and book now will open form.
    2. In the single page Put two button of book now before and after the content (event description)
    3. On Event form  If Student selected Other Student in attendee type then only as for College/Institution Name  else not and it will be compulsory only for other student not for ILS. If Professional then only show GST (yes,no), GST Number and Pan Number. 
    4. On application received page put remark near total (Amount will be round off) 
    5. On the same #4 page change the button name to “Proceed to Pay” also remove And (why is And Required?)
    6. Once payment done on Success Page put the message “Thank you for your booking, you can download your Invoice cum Receipt from below. Print of this invoice is Compulsory for attending the event. 
    7. Below Download Invoice button write “If you need any help or having any question email to” 
    8. I didn’t received any email after my booking and payment? Is email not added? 
    Let me know if you have any questions. 
  3. Following are few more changes / issues
    1. In the Invoice PDF College GST number is not coming, please put that  27AAATI1014L2ZV
    2. Invoice PDF : In address :  From “Erandawane, Pune : 411004”  Put this on Second Line.
    3. Invoice PDF: Put SBI reference number rather then Reference Number
    4. Invoice PDF:  Move this from right to left and make it bold
      Indian Law Society 
      Hon. Secretary 
    5. In the backend add / edit Event screen is not showing all the merchant code there are 6 codes, please add all of them. 
    6. Change “Book Now” to “Register Now”
    7. Allow GST number to students as well, show yes no options first and if select yes then only show GST option as mandatory.  
  4. Hello Priyanka, 

    Please check the following list of issues / changes you have requested in the morning are done. 

    Please test once from your end and let me know if you need further changes. 

  5. Hello Nisha Mam,

    In Manage Log-Event-Show Attendee-
    Also add Payment Status Filter-Success etc

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