Fee PDF change for BALLB, LLB two categories

We need following changes on the fee PDF for BALL and LLB and only applicable to categories 
  1. Within Maharashtra Reserve Category
  2. Within Maharashtra Reserve Category-ST
Add two more fields the fee CPT
  1. Sanctioned total 
  2. Not Sanctioned total 
We need to modify the fee pdf for two above reservation categories, attached is the sample in the excel sheet. 
  • First table will come on one page, 2nd table will come in second page. 
  • Each page will have similar what we have student copy and college copy.
  • This two counts will come in two tables. 

12 thoughts on “Fee PDF change for BALLB, LLB two categories”

  1. We need to handle the condition where student belongs to Reserve category or Reserve ST and taken Rajshree scholarship, in that case fee PDF will generate in Single page and all the amounts and values will be of Rajshree. 

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