Feed back form - Employ & Alumni

I have attached the doc file to create the feedback form. 
Let me know if you have any query.

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  1. Alumni form changes:
    Additional Qualification*:   Remove Mandatory
    On selection of Additional Qualification the Year of Passing field will open
    Self Employed
    Practice: On Selection Tab “ in Which Court”
    Degree obtained*:
    Year of Passing*:
    1.       Name of the Alumnus*:
    2.       Cellphone No*:
    3.       Email ID*:
    4.       Address : not Mandatory
    5.       Degree obtained*: 
    6.       Year of Passing Degree*:
    7.       Additional Qualification
    Q. :
    Which of the following activities/competitions helped you in achieving the professional skills? 
    (please tick the appropriate option)  Remove
    Change it to :
    Which of the following activities/competitions were value addition to your career?
  2. In Alumni Feed Back for do the below mentioned changes.

    1. Year obtained*:  Remove Years.  Make it : Year of Passing – 
    2.     Additional Qualification: Multiple Choice Option.-
    3.     Current Employment*: One more option “ Not Working” 
    4.      For  Additional Qualification. : Any Other : Tab not opening to Specify. 
  3. Also give the option for Download of Feedback Form as like admission pdf. The layout will be like admission pdf. On the top the logo name address and rest will be the data only.
  4. Changes:

    1.       Alumni Feedback : 

    (a)    Designation : Remove Mandatory
    (b)   Name and address of the Company/Institution*:  : Remove Mandatory
    (c)    Additional Qualification : Add Row Button is not operative on Mobile Phones. 
    2.       Employer’s Feedback  : No Change
    3.       Parent’s Feedback : Heading Change : make it : Admission Process Feedback
    4.       Parent’s Feedback Activities :  No Change

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