Feed back form - parents

I have attached the parent feedback form in doc file. Please check and let me know if you have any query.
The data save process will be same as feedback form in BA.LLB. first year.

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    1.       Occupation*:   : Remove Mandatory Option
    2.       Year*:  1 , II , III , IV , V
    3.       Very Agree/ Neutral    : Change it to Agree

    In all form 

    1. http://ils.wordpoets.com/alumni-feedback-form/
    2. http://ils.wordpoets.com/employers-feed-back/
    3. http://ils.wordpoets.com/feedback-from-parents/
    You are requested to select appropriate option on the following parameters :
     Change it to: You are requested to select appropriate options :

  2. Move the form on production.
    On contact us page there is the give feedback box. Move that above the address and make that highlighted. 
    Also we need to give ‘feedback’ link on the home page.
  3. On contact us page in ‘give feedback’ box following feedback form will list down
    1. Feedback from Alumni
    2. Feedback from Employer
    3. Feedback from Parents-Admission Process
    4. Feedback from Parents-Overall
    5. Any Other : The Provide Feedback popup form will open 
  4. Give the option for download of both parents Feedback Form. The layout will be s like admission pdf. 
    On the top, the logo, name, address and rest will be the data only.

    Let us know if you have any query. 

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