Feedback: Event and Global Invoice

Following are some issues that needs to be sorted:
  1. Invoice is showing Round off, that should only applicable when actually Round off happening else keep it 0 or blank.
  2. They want one more field to be added name it Merchant – Heading, this heading will come just after “India Law Society” in PDF
  3. Same merchant – Heading will come in the bottom in place of “Indian Law Society”
  4. Give field to add last line “Position” which will come in “Hon. Secretary” as this will change from event to event. 
  5. In the Event for please check the Billing address line 1 and Billing address line 2 to Address 1, Address 2
  6. After filling the form and payment done please change the success message to “Registration completed successfully!”

18 thoughts on “Feedback: Event and Global Invoice”

  1. – New two Meta fields added in Event CPT
       1. Merchant Heading
       2. Position
    – If Round-off amount equals to base amount, then it will shows blank 
    – Clients need to update both above meta data before download pdf.   
  2. – Event Start & end date, Event Title related work is done.
    – For loader, Bhagyashree will work on this. I told everything about this to her and also Gopi sir.

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