Feedback form in manage for BA.LLB first year

Create a separate feedback form in manage for BA.LLB first year. The form will be same as like BA.LLB first year.

They (manage access admin) will add the feedback of that student who has filled/submitted the hard copy of feedback form.

Let me know if you have any query.

18 thoughts on “Feedback form in manage for BA.LLB first year”

  1. 1. For this we created page name parent-feedback-form
    link is attached in useful links
    2. we this in database as like other first year survey but without admission_id and student _id
    1. Feedback form is added globally. 
    2. create page and call form there and save details are same as other first year searvy.
    3. we save this survey without admission_id and student_id

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