Feedback on #86545. Donation Portal - Creating and submitting form with payment

Feedback on #86545. Donation Portal – Creating and submitting form with payment

  1. Put the donation button on site on left of Login dropdown 
  2. Form layout will be as like the contact us page (as I explained you)
  3. Once submitting, now we are showing – Amount 0. Replace it with the given text – “Your total Donation Amount: ₹ 0. Only” and display this message in middle, as I explained you. For page height reference check link
  4. once payment completed, now showing the Thank you message with receipt button. 
  5. I have attached the receipt sample. We will not show the Check no.,  Date and dran on  and rest of the donor’s details will show in receipt’ 
  6. Need to add address field in the form, that we will show in the PDF receipt.
  7. Need to check the mailing functionality. It is not working properly. 3 time filled the form and single time only I got the donor mail.
  8. Admin mail.Subject: New Donation Received for ‘Purpose name’Dear Admin,

    We have received a donation of amount ₹ 0. Check donor detail.

    First name:
    Last name
    Contact no.

    ILS Team

  9. Donor MailSubject:  Thank you for Donation   
    Dear Donor name,On behalf of  ILS collage, I would like to thank you for your donation of 0.Rs on 23-4-2019, which we received.

    Thank you once again. 

    Warm Regards,
    Team ILS LAW College 

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    1. Use the first name field and last name field instead of the name only.
    2. The input field will be look similar to the contact us page form
    3. Now the Donor receipt PDF looks messy. As I explained to you show it in table format as like

       Received with thanks from:   nisha singh.

       Address:  address one address two.

       PAN: 4444. 

      Contact No.: 7687678767. 

      E-mail ID:

      Amount of Rs. 0/00 only

       In Words (Zero) 

      Purpose:  Poor & Needy Students. 

    Rest look good. After these changes we can move it on production after verification. 

  1. Added the last name field. This had many dependencies as name had to be replace with first name and last name. So, requesting you to do the complete testing once in all the pages and pdf. Once the  testing is  done will move it to production. 

    Regarding the PDF changes, after discussing with Savita ma’am, we decided to keep it as it is until we confirm with client.

  2. I made the changes in the PDF for layout. Now looks good.

    We can move it on production. But do not give button in header. Once client will check then we will give a button in Header. 

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