Feedback on Souvenirs Requisition Portal

Functionality is working well.
  1. Need to increase the font size in manages of product name quantity & cost. On single, increase the font size of Approved & rejected. Successful updated etc as I explained to you 
  2. Use available quantity instead of the quantity in manage
  3. Show the place holder image if the product has no image
  4. Display the 0 available quantity instead of the blank. Show the message if the user hit on the + icon and the available product is 0.
  5. A single page in manage: Match the single page layout as like the
  6. User mail subject will be “Souvenirs Request detail” instead of the Application for.
  7. Show the user name instead of the Dear User.
  8. Admin mail subject: Souvenirs Request for event name instead of the Application for event name.

8 thoughts on “Feedback on Souvenirs Requisition Portal”

    1. In souvenirs Listing in manage we can’t increase font-size because we are using standard data table structure.
    2. Used available quantity instead of quantity in manage.
    3. On approved and reject click message are now readable.
    4. In manage single if image is not found then placeholder image is shown.
    5. Changed user mail subject.
    6. Changed admin mail subject.
    7. shown user name instead of dear user
    8. Display 0 if quantity is not available.
    9. Single page layout is fixed.

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