First year admission process

First year admission process will be same like last year, after putting CET number user can fill the form and on submission they will redirect to Pay Fee page where following options should be available:
  1. Pay Floating Fee – 2000 (might change)
  2. Pay Full Fee 
  3. Pay Installment Fee – This will be in 2 parts or 3 parts (both is possible)
After submitting fee thought online SBI payment gateway they will redirected to success page for downloading the receipt of fee submitted. 

We should also consider following:

  1. If floating fee is submitted then setting some flag for easy identification 
  2. If floating fee is submitted generate link to submit full or part fees, that will be minus floating fee submitted last time
  3. If part fee is submitted then links for rest of part payments. 
  4. Easy identification for admins to filter students who have paid part fees. 

14 thoughts on “First year admission process”

  1.  Please add following section:
    1.       Exservice Man : Yes or No Tab    : Mandatory Field
    2.       Parent/Guardian Contact Details  : Email ID, Mobile No. Address Mandatory Field

    Please put this in form PDF as well

  2. Is it possible to order category in following sequence 

    1)      Within Maharashtra Open

    2)      Within Maharashtra Reserve Category
    3)      Reserve Category – ST
    4)      Outside Maharashtra
    5)      SAARC /Gulf/PIO Countries
    6)      NRI/Foreigners

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