Flow: Admission for LLB, BALLB and LLM - All other then first year

  1. ILS will email result file which is a PDF, like one which is attached as Sample. “Sample-Result-file.pdf”
  2. Check this file is selectable or not, sometime they sent a file which is like image, ignore that and ask for file which you can select text.
  3. Upload that file to google on google drive.
  4.  On google drive open the uploaded PDF file as Google Docs, (right click on PDF will give option to do that)
  5. Open the google docs file and download as plain text.
  6. Now the file downloaded will be like “Sample-Result-file.pdf.txt”
  7. Format that file so that one row will have one student’s records, this will took lots of efforts.
  8. Formatted file will look like “Sample-Result-file.format.txt” one record in one row.
  9. Create a blank spreadsheet on google drive.
  10. Now import the formated file on on that excel( “Sample-Result-file.format.txt”) by using File -> Import option -> Upload
  11. This upload will ask for Import file option select a) Insert new sheet b) Separtor type – Custom (put space in text box) c) Convert text to numbers and dates – yes and hit “Import Daata”
  12. Now format the new spreadsheet so that only following columns remains, (Be careful while doing this)
    1. Seat number,
    2. Full Name including middle name,
    3. Mother’s name,
    4. Male / Female,
    5. PRN Number,
    6. Marks / Out off,
    7. Result Status
    8. Course
    9. Course Year
  13. For sample check “Sample-Result-file.xlsx” add two final columns which are not in the result file. Course and Course Year, these are the slug of the Course -Taxonomy in which student is going to take actions.
  14. Now final file is ready upload this file on url https://ilslaw.edu/manage/importer/ select “Result Data” upload the file
  15. To cross check navigate to back-end of WP and check student from excel are updated or not.

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