Flow: Admission for LLB, BALLB and LLM - First Year

  1. Generally this list comes as excel with list of results to be uploaded.
  2. Sample file of result is added. sample-1st-year-results.xlsx
  3. Copy only Application ID from this list
  4. Create a comma separated string out of this list
  5. Once comma separate list is ready put that in Admission settings https://ilslaw.edu/wp-admin/admin.php?page=awesome-app-settings-admission&panel=application_ids either “BA LLB 1st Year” or “LLB 1st Year” based on which admission client had said.
  6. Once that is done, put the same list under “ILS Unique Number JSON” with Json string.
  7. Json string need to create with the help of excel, copy the result column in one excel column and put the last number from json string in another column.
  8. Change the last number and add +1 to that and pull the list to generate new ILS number. Format of ILS number is ILS2017{number}
    In notepad++ put these column and make json string format properly.
  9. Once json is ready, copy the existing json from “ILS Unique Number JSON” and merge two json string and validate it on jsonlint.com, if there is some error correct it else copy the final json and paste it on “ILS Unique Number JSON”

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