Further to #86600: Uploading photocopy from manage for student

Further to #86600 we need to option in manage to upload photocopy against any student for each of the subject. Once the photocopy has been uploaded it will be available on student dashboard to see under a section Photocopy / Scancopy.

Will create a different task a bit of UI for student dashboard section.

18 thoughts on “Further to #86600: Uploading photocopy from manage for student”

    • As we discuss I have started working on this flow
    • In every photocopy request, we have a multiple subject request option so we set upload multiple photocopies.
    • In every Photocopy request, we store student ID 
    • based on that we fetch request data on that student.
    • Need to discuss some more points in details to frame the flow.
    1. Upload photocopy for every subject.
    2. on single page view, admin can upload the photocopy.
    3. For the Dashboard section UI view, I need design formate for uploaded photocopies.

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