Global Invoice Number for Each Merchant Account

Discussed with Amit, client need an Global Invoice Number System where they can assign Invoice series to each Merchant Account (we have total 6) and every financial year that will be updated.
These Invoice number will be applicable for Admission Fee, Event, Certificate, or any other fees collected online.

Please let me know if need more information on this.   

Updated Information on global series number
Following will be the Global Series :

Merchant Code | A/c mapped | Global Series No
ILSLAWDTL | 35826339900 | DTL/O/2017-18/0001
ILSLAWLEGAL | 35826351463 | IALS/O/2017-18/0001
ILSLAWLLM | 35826340869 | LLM/O/2017-18/0001
ILSLAWSOCIETY | 35826285397 | ILS/O/2017-18/0001
ILSLAWTCLE | 35826351804 | TCLE/O/2017-18/0001
ILSLAWCOLLEGE | 35826339376 | Law/O/2017-18/0001
Please note that we will use this series till March 2018 only.
From April 2018 the Series will be for example TCLE/O/2018-19/0001.

21 thoughts on “Global Invoice Number for Each Merchant Account”

  1. This is done from my side. 
    – I created Site settings to store Invoice series number for each merchant code
    – Updated in code for all admission, event & prospectus
    – All required updated modules attached in Useful links
    If any query, then let me know

  2. Everything is done on dev site. I am not able to test on dev site. 
    Need to check on production after deploy all changes.
  3. This task deployed on production. 
    For Now, All code has commented. I need Invoice series number for each merchant code from client.
  4. Updated the series number in the task itself, please read the information carefully and implement the same, let me know if you want any other information.
  5. This is done on production
    Tested with two admission forms and Event page.
    If any issue, let me know

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