Issue in part-payment of LLM 2nd year fee

Kritika Choudhary , student of LLM 2nd year.
Application ID : 201953195
PRN No. : 2461800036
Eligibility no.: 12018302520

After filling the form, when the payment page appears, unable to access the link for the first installment of the fee amounting to rs 30000.  Only the second installment link is working which is for 60850 rupees. 

Before fixes, once discuss with the Prashant.

7 thoughts on “Issue in part-payment of LLM 2nd year fee”

    • Because of that Json break issue, we create new admission and part payments are copied from old admission and we didn’t update the status of part payment that is why the issue in first payment is happening.
    • Now I have done the changes as discuss with Prashant sir gave a list of part payment students first payments are working.
    • So the students can pay the next installment as part 1. those who are facing this issue.

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