Issue: Report Generation -Fee Index

find the attachment of Fee Index.
We found the double entries in the sheet highlighted in yellow. Due to this we are not able to found out the exact forms for the year.
Same issue we are facing in every Year.- Second year, Third Year. BA LLB :LLB
We also need Roll No. : 17-18 & Roll No. : 18-19 in this report.

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  1. For this issue I make Duplicate Entries in Draft.
    Because in step form we set Flag for Entries and those entries whose have flag 1 or 2 are not complete admissions (Not fill all details in step form).
    Flag 3 is a complete admission.
    And for 
    17-18 & Roll No. : 18-19 in Current year report 
    Added this column in manage of fees index as OLD Roll Number.
    Go to fees Index Filter by course 
    Ex: 3rd yr BA- LLB and  Academic Year 2018-19
    I have shown Current year roll number 2018-19 and Old Roll numbers 2017-18 of that PR Number.

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