Issue with event filter result data

Check this event search for and Payment Status as success, the result will show the failure data. Issue I understand is there are two entries for this email one is success and one is failure but the result in filter only picking recent which is failure. 
Please check this and let me know if any questions

14 thoughts on “Issue with event filter result data”

  1. – For this issue, I did some changes in pay-verification payment app module.
    –  I added code to update attendee payment status.
    – This might be happen when Cron url execute for all pending entries.
  2. Thank you. Can you also please hyperlink attendee page from payment log? For example when I am checking CPC3173377 in search box I can see one result, but I am not sure for which event this payment is made. I have to go inside each event and check where this entry belongs to. 

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