Issue with LLM students Manage

Attached is the file which needs to be refer for the issue. 
  1. I am trying to put the results and PRN for the students who were in LLM 1st year and now going to take admission in LLM 2nd year. 
  2. While searching them first name and LLM filter I can find them but when I click on View student button it shows message “You can’t edit this item because it is in the Trash. Please restore it and try again.”
  3. Please either make them available or option to create this student. (presently they are not in students) 
  4. Please check yellow highlight rows only. 

12 thoughts on “Issue with LLM students Manage”

    1. This issue is appear because student id should be set null or any ID if student is created. 
    2.  Student ID drop down in admission CPT is created  using ACF custom fields where we have to add null value or any value (Which is student ID).
    3. Currently nothing will set in this student id Meta. Create student button in mange will not appear to create student for that admission entry. 
    4. Open admission entry and update that entry without changing any values and go to manage and search again Create student button is appear for respective entry.
    • this issue is solve for LLM last year admission.
    • but dummy id which is set in student id and because of that create student button is not visible we are still figuring out Y this dummy Id is set to particulate field.

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