Issues: Event attendees not showing receipt number and invoice numebr

In last few days there were few cases came where payments are made successful but student were not able to download the receipt or receipt does not have invoice number and global invoice. number. 

Apart from that there was an issue where payment went pending and later through the payment-verificaiton cron it got clear, in this case as well receipt number and invoice number will remains blank. 

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  1. 1. For Generate Receipt number & invoice number, we did following steps
       – Receipt number
           * Prefix for receipt number (Meta field in Event CPT)
           * Last Number user (Meta field in Event CPT)
           After successful payment, we generate Receipt number based on prefix & last number fields. after that, we put this value in Attendee CPT(Serial_no) & in Payment Log CPT(invoice_number).
       –  Global Invoice Number
            * Prefix for Invoice number – Site-settings
            * Last number – For this, we used WordPress Option field. update_option function.
           After successful payment, we generate Invoice number based on prefix from site_settings & last number fields from get_option function. after that, we put this value in Attendee CPT(global_invoice_no) & in Payment Log CPT(Global Invoice Number). 

    2. Payment Verification Cron
         Url – Update-status
       We created on url for this issue.
       Through this, we get all payment log entries based on below condition – 

    •      Payment type – Event
    •      Payment Status – Success
    •      Invoice Number – Not Exists
    •      Global Invoice Number – Not Exists
       After that, we update or recreate Invoice Number, receipt number and also update payment status in attendee CPT as Success.
       Also, We send mail for download invoice.

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