Late fee in Photocopy

Please add late fees option in photocopy request, which will have date fees amount, start and end date to add latefee in main fees. 

This late will be added in main fees, payment will happen for total of main fee + late fees. 

In invoice / receipt late fees will be added as additional item. 
Late fees will be seen in manage and excel reports which are available for download. 

Let me know if you need more information. 

13 thoughts on “Late fee in Photocopy”

    1. If the course has no subject for the photocopy then do not show the submit button or you can hide the photocopy button. Or you can show the message ‘this course has no subject for the photocopy.’
    2. Correct the sequences on the page. Now it is in this sequence 
      1. Processing fee: 30
      2. Designated fees per subject: 150
      3. Late fees: 200
      4. Total amount with late fees: 380
    It should be as like on the PDF: 
    Photo / Scan Copy Fees
    Late Fees 
    Processing Fees   

    3. On the

      page, reduce the space between the Selected Subjects: and the subject name.

    • If a late fee is course year specific 
      • ex. Second-year BALLB – late fees-100rs
      • third year BALLB – late fees- 300rs
    • late fees depend on course or not?

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