LLB and BA LLLB admission form changes

Following is the changes for LLB and BA LLLB Admission Form

For LLB and BA LLLB :  

1. In self-Information section we have option for Do you want to avail GOI scholarship?
GOI Option is only available for Within Maharashtra – Reserve Category & Within Maharashtra-Reserve Category-ST. When student select the above options then only allow the question for GOI.
If Yes : Within Maharashtra – Reserve Category: Fee Option
If No :  Within Maharashtra –Open Fee will be applicable.

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    These are forms that we use for testing purpose. So, one the form is submitted to try for the second time, don’t forget to delete that form admission from the admission cpt.
    One issue fixed. check the issue details below.
    Once the form is submitted and the payment is done with 0.00 amount, the details is saved in payment log cpt and while creating the pfd for fee structure, the invoice number, date, etc fields are fetched from this cpt. To fetched the record from payment log cpt the data is fetched against the sbi_ref_no. But, if the amount is 0.00 no sbi_ref_no is created. Hence, the wrong post was fetched.
    To resolve the issue, condition is added to check if the sbi_ref_no  is not empty and the record is fetched against the admission id and status success.

    Module update – fees-pdf-module.

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