LLm 2nd Year Admission

Please activate the LLM2nd year form and test all the process like other 2nd years
  • Form will open with PRN number
  • Existing data will be filled, student will update where ever needed. 
  • Submit the form download the form and pay the fee 
  • If successful then download the fee structure pdf. 
  • If pending cron will run and send email to download the fee structure if success. 
  • Manage / Paylog etc will show the data accordingly. 

8 thoughts on “LLm 2nd Year Admission”

  1. Everything looks fine
    – I checked with Bhagyashree’s test LLM First year admission entry on production. 
    – Existing data is coming in the form.
    – PDF also displays all data on both Application form and after payment PDF.
    – I checked with 0 and 1 rs payment.
    – Manage also working. Admission and payment log displays the data.
    Let me know if any issue.

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