Make site Accessible

Make the site accessible as like the modern college. Let me know if you have any query. Do this on the demo server first.

65 thoughts on “Make site Accessible”

  1.                We tested your website using  “JAWS”  screen reader software.we test website using following manner.
    1) Firstly we check the page title of website,it seems like “Home:Modern college”.
    2) Screen Reader should announces banner region.(<div role=”banner”>)
    3) We check primary navigation region (skip to navigation,skip to main content,standard contrast theme,high contrast theme,text resize button)is present or not.If not, we  have to provide that links.
    4) From where menu bar started , screen reader should be read as navigation region.(<div role=”navigation”>)
    5) when slider started,it should be read as main region,(<div role=”main”>)
    6) Heading level hierarchy should be maintain on page.
    7) Read more links should be present in descriptive manner.For that provide this property(aria-label=”Read more about…….”)
    8) If more than 2 or 3 links are present  then we have to provide list mechanism for it.
    9) When footer section started ,it should read as content info region.(<div role=”contentinfo”>)
    10) If social media links are present ,it should read as complementary region.(<div role=”complementary”>)
    11) At the end of page , back to top link should be present.
      These are the basic changes according to  web accessibility, actually when we test website new issues can be raised .
  2. Only header strip move on production to change the strip background color and hide the sitemap link for now because in sitemap unwanted page link is showing. 
    To fix the unwanted page link issue we will move this on production as well.

  3. If we do,
    1. separate search box for mobile device and 
    2. In homepage “Awards & Achievement” section we remove fancy box then,
    page score will be 91%, right now our page score is 86%.

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