Move HRM to production server

We already have HRM installed and running on staging server, please move this to production server. Will put the upgrade requirements in chunks.

17 thoughts on “Move HRM to production server”

  1. Have done the set up on production server. Need the below information from client.
    1. Employee Designation under employee cpt
    2.  Employee Department under employee cpt
    3. HR email  in App settings
    4. Leave settings in App setting
  2. Below are issues which need to fix.
     employee form
    •  employee form submit shows thankyou msg with  the submit button 
    •  not able to edit the employee role under official details
    • Personal Details edit option – no form is seen 
    •  not able to submit the feedback 
     Leave Application on home page 
    •  select leave type not working 
    •  Current Month’s Leaves block is not updating 
    •  toggle leave not working 
     Salary slip option is not seen anywhere. Is it kept hidden?

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