Multiple admission

For 1311500196 PRN student have filled the admission form for multiple times. 
How that is possible please took into that. 

My understanding says only 1step might filled and closed the browser and did the OPT verification again. Please check the possibilities. 

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  1.  [aw2.query update_post_meta meta_key=’admission_form_id’ meta_value='{{aw2.get module.admission_id}}’ post_id=”{{aw2.get module.student_id}}”/]  is not working there

    it is replaced with  [aw2.query update_post_meta meta_key=’admission_form_id’ meta_value='{module.admission_id}’ post_id=”{module.student_id}”/] and its working now

  2. Issue is not in short code 

    step 1- when I submit form 1 and refresh page 1st entry is done
    step 2 – when I submit form 2 and refresh 2nd entry is gone here is the issue we need to figure out this. 

  3. there is issue with  Publicly Queryable in Post type, it sets to false due to which data is not accessible to user who is not logged in

    now Publicly Queryable is set as true

  4. This issue still exists. Check Mihir Bedmutha he tried and multiple times and he did fill for 4 times. 

    Keep it open until you fix this.  

  5. 1. DTL DLL-LW form issues is solved.
    2. Blank entries in payment log name, email, mobile is updated now 
    3. issue is still there need code review. work in progress.
    • I have written some test case for this 
    • try those test case and let me know the results.
    • Notes
    • First year admission forms
    • BA-LLB first year,LLB First year, LLM second year

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