Need an manage for all contact enquires

We need an manage section for ILS contact enquires. It will list all the contact enquires and on click of name it will open a page with detailed information.

With in that page we need an option to draft the Reply of the enquiry.
Reply will only works if a checkbox “send to candidate” (a checkbox default check) is checked. If checkbox is unchecked then the comment / reply saves as comment against the enquiry.

This enquiry will also have status like Open, Pending, Closed etc.

Do let me know if you have any questions on this.  Please do this on staging site first to avoid spam replies to actual emails. 

43 thoughts on “Need an manage for all contact enquires”

  1. – Remove Both Drop down from filter. Not required of this
    – Remove “Details” Column from table and give link to Title.
  2. – Add New Taxonomy in Form Enquire as “Status”
    – On single page, We have one Comment form with below fields
       1. Details(textarea)
       2. Status Dropdown
       3. send to candidate(checkbox) Set default checked
    Condition 1 – If checkbox is checked, then we will send mail to contact person and admin.
    Condition 2 – If checkbox is unchecked, then we will add comment against this contact enquiry with draft status. No need to send mail. 
    – Status will update in taxonomy.
    If you have query in this, let me know.
  3. Subject –  Response from ILS
    Mail Content – come from form(textarea field).
    We will update this later. For now, first complete functionality. 
  4. The module links had been put into the useful links.
    Below are the updates on the each module:
    1. contact-enquiries : The module is created under the manage app. It is responsible to show all the listing of the contact enquiries. The sorting is done on the form entries cpt. The filter is done on the title with the key “contact enquiry” in the query. The search filter, filters the data on the email, first name and last name. On clicking the title, the details of the enquiry is opened. 
    2. contact-request-details : The module is created under the manage app. It is responsible for showing the detailed information of a specific enquiry. It shows all the data that is filled in the enquiry form by the candidate along with the comment form.
  5. – Add comments when checkbox is checked with approve
    – Display all comments above form
    – Display only respected enquires comments.
    – Don’t replace form with thank you message. 
       display thank you message below the button, reset the form and display comment above the form
    If you have any query, let me know.

  6. Move this on production, and please give heading to the page, I am not able to understand on which page I am. 

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