New Series for receipts from April 2019

Make New Series for receipts from April 2019. Need GSTIN on Each Fee Receipt and Bill of Supply(text only) on Top

Following will be the Series for 2019-20.

Admission Global Series :
1.       Adm/LC/19-20/0001    : Only for BA LLB & LLB & PHD
2.       Adm/DTL/19-20/0001 :  Only for DTL
3.       Adm/DLL/19-20/0001 :  Only for DLL
4.       Adm/LLM/19-20/0001 :  Only for LLM
Other Than Global Series :
1.       LC/19-20/0001
2.       ILS/19-20/0001
3.       LLM/19-20/0001
4.       TCLE/19-20/0001
5.       DTL/19-20/0001
Will do these changes on demo server first.

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    • Changes are added on demo server check attached links.
    • Prefix changes are done but we need to confirm about series number.
    • Same for global series number prefix and serial number as well.
    • GSTIN  we take this number only in Event payments with GST count.
    • In admission fees we do not add GST so we need  confirmation about this column in admission fee receipt.
  1. Other Than Global Series :
    1.       LC/19-20/0001
    2.       ILS/19-20/0001
    3.       LLM/19-20/0001
    4.       TCLE/19-20/0001
    5.       DTL/19-20/0001

    What are this global series and where we are going to use this or replace this series 
    current global series are

    1. ILSLAWSOCIETY  – ILS/O/2018-19/
    2. ILSLAWCOLLEGE – Law/O/2018-19/
    3. ILSLAWLEGAL – IALS/O/2018-19/
    4. ILSLAWDTL – DTL/O/2018-19/
    5. ILSLAWLLM – LLM/O/2018-19/
    6. ILSLAWTCLE – TCLE/O/2018-19/
    • As discuss Invoice series and global invoice series is set as given.
    • create one student with PRN and admission process with payments.
    • payment receive link is attached.

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