No global receipt No is generated in manage - student certificate

Now the payment receive page is attached in the mail and student not open the link after payment that’s why the invoice and the global invoice number is not updated. All calculations are done on the same page EX –
It is under the login process. Maybe the student does not want to log in again to open the payment link.

Need to find and implement the alternate solution to generate the global receipt No.

Let me know if you have any query.

8 thoughts on “No global receipt No is generated in manage – student certificate”

    • Here the payment process is complete when payment is done and it redirects to payment received page which is set in the payment process.
    •  now certificate process is started with login and session is started after that maybe after payment completion when user redirects to payment received page the session is time out and user redirect to login page again and the process is incomplete in this situation.
    • so for this, we take payment to receive page out of the session so whenever the user redirects to that page no need to login in the process again.
    • when user what to apply for any other process or other certificates user need to log in again. 

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