Prospectus Purchase Flow

  1. Create an app with slug buy-propectus and name Buy Prospectus
  2. Individual prospectus will save within prospectus cpt
    1. It will have metas for saving pdf file (prospectus_url), price(prospectus_fees) and saving valid form ids (valid_form_ids)
  3. When students wants to purcase the propectus, they will be shown a form with following fields (/buy-prospectus/form/<prospectus_id>)
    1. Name
    2. Mobile Number
    3. Email
  4. All fields are required.
  5. When student submits the form, it will be saved in CPT prospectus_sale. along with prospectus id. This CPT will have course and Academic year attached.
  6. Along with this the generated form ID will be saved by appending to prospectus valid_form_ids meta. The ID will be of format year+sale_id == 201712134
  7. Once all this is save, student will be redirect to payment page URL for that is /payments/pay/prospectus/<propectus_sale_id>
  8. On successfull purchase user will be taken to purchase success page within buy-propectus app, and student will recieve an email with PDF attached,  FORM ID and link to admission form.
  9. On failure we will take them to purcase failed page, when we will ask them to try again or contact School admin.

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