Remaining work of dashboard

10 thoughts on “Remaining work of dashboard”

  1. 1. Edit PDF data
    2. Ascending order Manage
    3. Date of request generate in manage
    4. NON ILS student flow to discuss after pending status.
    5. Testing PDF formats after download and test whole dashboard. 
  2. 1. Preview PDF is done.
    2. ordering on manage is done.
    3. Date is added.
    4. (4 and 5 th point work in progress.)
    5. Close is not working.
    6. update massage need to add.
    7. Excel sheet download remaining.
  3. 1. All PDF download is preview is done.
    2. Excel sheet download is done.
    3. Bugs on single preview child course is not show if selected  same in student form.
    4. on pdf edit what we need window reload or redirect need to discuss.
    5. For now all certificates testing is done(any changes or find bug plz mention in comment).
  4. Points to be done today
    1. Course parent child selection is changed in short code and in pdf preview changes are done.
    2. pdf formats as per certificate is checked and fixed.

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