Souvenirs request form

Staff members booking of Souvenirs
  1. Staff member logged in to portal and fill the form 
  2. Two step form with the following fields:
    1. On the first step, show all the Souvenirs in table format.
      1. checkbox to select the item
      2. Souvenirs image – open in lightbox(can have multiple images)
      3. Name of  the Souvenir
      4. cost of  the Souvenir
      5. Quantity
      6. At the bottom of the table , calculate and show  the total cost of the selected souvenirs and go  to next page
    2. On the second step take the below inputs
      1. Event name 
      2. Date of the event 
      3. Department name 
      4. List of   the all the selected souvenirs and total cost
      5. Back button to make change/add/remove souvenirs (if required) and the submit button 
On submitting the form, the notification will be send to the admin and the one who has placed the order.

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