Souvenirs Requisition Portal

Need an Souvenirs portal for staff which will allow staff booking of Souvenirs. Following are the requirements:

  1. Staff member logged in to portal and fill the form 
  2. Form will have following fields
    1. Event name 
    2. Date of the event 
    3. Select  Souvenirs
      1. Fridge Magnet – Quantity  – Rs.100
      2. Bookmarks – Quantity – Rs.150
      3. Pencil Pouch – Quantity – Rs.200
      4. Mug – Quantity – Rs.350
      5. Bag – Quantity – Rs.400
      6. T Shirt – Quantity – Rs.500
      7. Cap – Quantity – Rs.200
      8. Single Pen Stand – Quantity – Rs.350
      9. Double Pen Stand – Quantity – Rs.500
    4. Department name 
    5. Submit 
  3. Once submitted it will visible to admin roles in manage, admin will approve or reject the request. 
  4. Once request is approved then inventory will be reduced from the main inventory of the products 
  5. Email notification will go to member who applied for Souvenirs once approved. 
  6. Manage will also show the remaining left inventory 
  7. They can add new products with inventory counts and images in the manage. 
  8. Filter will be available to see the listing for approved and rejected in manage.  

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