Student certificate form details

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  1. As we discuss student certificate dashboard flow in
    #20590. Login Or Register with OTP is done and some part is work in progress.
    Step 1 – Applying For ( 9 Certificate List)
    Step 2 – certificate form field are (certificates wise fields are changed this are common fields)
    Pin Code
    Email ID
    Year of course attented from____to____
    Year of Exam April/ Oct_____
    College roll no.____Exam Seat NO. ______
    Step 3 – Choose Course
    1. LLB
    2.BA LLB
    3.DTL / DLL LW
    4.MLL & LW
    6.Autonomous Diploma course

    Step 4 – Upload scan copies
    Step 5 – Mail To Admin and Student 

  2. Form fields are done.
    now we are working on scan copies of documents according to course.
    data is update in Student CPT 
  3. As we discuss multiple scan copy short code is added.
    we are actually clone the file field 
    for details plz refer attached module links.
  4. 1. Add multiple scan copys in student-cp.
    2. select cource agent student shortcode.
    3. payment getway for trasfer cerificae flow is work in progress. 
    1.  application received 
    2.  payment getaway is done for transfer and other certificates. 
    3. admin main and student mail is done.
    4.  by post or not condition is added in with payment process.
    5. shortcode for checkbox.
    6. for transfer certificate within 6 month, between 6 and 12 month and after 12 condition is added. 
  5. 1. flow is converted into dashboard like plot.
    2. some issues are arriving need to fix.

  6. 1. Student flow in dash bored  payment with HTMl part is work in progress.
    2. New is added in useful links flow is mention in below comments.
  7. 1. dashboard design work in progress.
    2. as discuss old student entry flow is work in progress.  
  8. 1. PDF HTML work in progress.
    2. other form added in certificates template CPT.(discussion pending)

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